The inspection

Who are the Michelin Guide's restaurant inspectors and how do they go about doing their jobs?

Envied by many for having quite possibly the best job in the world, the Michelin Guide’s stable of inspectors are all full-time employees of the Michelin Group who dine out regularly to put forth the best consumer recommendations for hotels and restaurant experiences.

Most of the them have studied in the best hospitality schools in the world, are widely travelled and have lived and worked in various countries around the world - and are collectively responsible for rating more than 40,000 hotels and restaurants in over 24 countries across three continents.

Assessment Criteria

To maintain the independence of their opinion, the inspectors always dine out anonymously, pay for their meals, and subsequently rate their experience according to five publicly acknowledged assessment criteria:

  • 1.Quality of the products
  • 2. Mastery of flavour and cooking techniques
  • 3. The personality of the chef in his cuisine
  • 4. Value for money
  • 5. Consistency between visits

Core Values

Food trends and dining technologies may have come and gone, but for over a century, the Michelin Guide has held firm to its founding mission of fostering a culture of travel and eating out, and its promise of helping people make the right choice, based on six core values:

Anonimity Although our “inspectors” work for the Michelin guide, they are above all customers like any other, testing restaurants in complete anonymity in order to ensure that they do not receive any special treatment.
Independence All our inspectors are employees of the Michelin group, who always pay for their meals in the restaurants they are testing to ensure that they do not receive any special treatment.
Expertise Our inspectors are also real experts in the catering and hospitality industries, sectors in which many of them have previously worked.
Reliability The different categories awarded by the guide are never just the result of one person’s judgement; they are formed by a collective decision which is the result of a long process.
Passion What would be the point of so much work and such a strict approach if our inspectors did not enjoy eating?
Quality Any restaurant can be recommended by our guide as long as its food is of high quality